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In-Stream Popup Alerts Reward your loyal viewers by thanking them with attractive, on-stream notification popups. Change the layout, colors, sounds, and image with ease. Alerts can pop for follows, subscribers, donations, and even when someone hosts your channel.

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Add Labels To Scenes Tired of updating your most recent donators, latest follower, sub goal count? Streamlabs can help you keep your text automatically updated on your stream so that you can focus on what you do best: Stream!

Set Donation Goals Instead of having your viewers aimlessly donate, give them a goal to help you meet. $90 cell phone bill? October rent? New Webcam! Giving your viewers a goal lets everyone feel like part of your team.

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Popup Alerts

Nothing is more exciting for you and your viewers than having an alert popup on stream when you receive a $20 donation. Streamlabs strives to make adding popup alerts to your stream easy and fun. We support multiple layouts, and the ability to customize the alerts to look exactly how you want. While we give alot of configuration, it's also simple to get some atractive alerts up in a matter of minutes.

The best part about the Alert Box is that it supports a large variety of alerts in a single space, minimizing the amount of extra windows you need open. It also pairs perfectly with our Stream Labels and Donation Goals.

Stream Labels

Our Stream Labels app is a Windows app that generates text files on your computer for you to include into popular streaming software such as OBS and XSplit. The files are automatically updated so that you can worry less about bookkeeping and more about playing the games you love. Now you can have Streamlabs do all of the dirty work for you.

As of today, 29 files are created and updated, some of which include: All-Time Top Donators, Most Recent Subscriber, Recent Followers, Recent Donations, Session Subscriber Count, and many more.

Donation Goals

The Donation Goals widget let's you put a donation goal meter on your stream for your viewers to see. You can set a goal amount, a label, and an end date. As you get donations, it will start to fill the bar up until it reaches 100%!

Donation goals are a great way to get your viewers involved and show them that their donations are going towards you and the stream. From what we've seen, viewers are much more interested in donating towards new streaming gear and bills compared to just donating into the void.